What makes us special

What makes us special

A modern dentist clinic is an institution in which an entire range of dentist treatment services has to be provided including preventive examinations and professional hygiene, implantation and osseous plastics.

Anything that currently is the standard in the world is available in our clinic.

This level has been reached due to daily labor and constant self-improvement – which is a compulsory condition of working for the clinic!

Each patient’s treatment starts with the consultation provided by the head doctor. He also continuously monitors the treatment process, which involves coordinating the efforts of dentists specializing and proficient in different areas of dentistry.

Generally, the first stage of treatment consists in professional hygiene of the oral cavity. It involves a complex of individually selected measures to sanitate the dental and gingival system. In addition to removal of dental tartar and deposit and treatment of gum, the hygienist doctor teaches the patients – adults and children alike – the basics of handling the toothbrush and the paste. Now we can state without any reservation that our patients who have problems with parodentium (tissues around the tooth) are under constant surveillance because we hold biannual compulsory planned preventive examinations during which problems of both teeth and the gum are identified at early stages.

Prophylaxis is the holy of holies of modern medicine and means prevention of changes which can lead to disease.

Therefore, we have written and published a book entitled “How to Keep Our Teeth Healthy” for our youngest patients and their parents. Leafing through this book, both children and adults are expected to feel that it is important to look after one’s teeth properly. And we are going to help them in this respect.

The children’s dentist will teach the young not to be afraid of the dentist’s chair and will take great care looking after their teeth while the orthodontist will ensure that teeth and the permanent occlusion as well as the entire dental and maxillary system develop in a proper and harmonious manner.

If you have tooth decay, tooth fracture, color or shape you do not like, we can offer you latest methods and materials to bring back the harmony and beauty of your smile.

Careful specialist treatment of tooth radices and the surrounding bone (endodontic operation) is the most vital condition on which a tooth can be preserved as well as a measure to prevent deformation of neighboring teeth.
An endodontist is a narrowly specializing doctor who uses high precision appliances to determine the exact length and diameter of the radix canal of the tooth and to treat it.

If need arises our orthopedist (prosthetist) will thoroughly prepare teeth for installation of ceramis caps or bridges, while dental mechanics will use their modern dental laboratories and produce such skillful artificial teeth that they will look almost identical to and indistinguishable from neighboring, natural, teeth.

But the world is always on the move forward. And its speed is si high that our imagination finds it hard to keep abreast.

Owing to modern dentist science, our generation finds the chance to live to an old age with one`s own, natural teeth (the chance for our children is 100%). So, when teeth are inevitably lost or get loosened, which leads to their loss, don’t give way to despair – the modern science – “implantology” – will give us ahand.